Meet the Team

Joseph Brandley teaches piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, and bass.
Joseph has been teaching private lessons in Fort Worth since 2010, working with children and adults on guitar, drums, piano, voice, and bass. He has served on worship teams with Frontline at McLean Bible Church in Virginia, the house band at his alma mater, Hope International University in Fullerton, California, as well as mentoring student worship bands for Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, Mission Viejo Christian Church in Orange County, and Church on the Hill in San Jose, California. He trained as a classical pianist growing up in San Jose, and loves playing all styles of music on piano and guitar.

Roxy Harman teaches drums.


Roxy has played drums since she was 7 years old, learning from some of the DFW's best musicians. She has performed around Fort Worth with local bands as well. Some of her influences include John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys, as well as Martin Smith and John Weathers, both from Gentle Giant. Bella's dream is to be an inspiration to the younger generation of musicians.

Joshua Radke teaches violin.

Joshua has played the violin for 11 years, beginning in the 5th grade. He studied music at UT Arlington but has recently changed majors to German. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, and studying a multitude of topics ranging from language and history to science and art.

Sarah Morris teaches all levels of piano, including advanced piano.

Sarah grew up playing piano and earned her master’s degree in Piano Performance, followed by her master’s in Piano Pedagogy, both from Texas Christian University. She has taught private piano lessons for over ten years and loves working with students of all skill levels and backgrounds. Outside of formal piano settings, Sarah has also enjoyed being on several worship teams and collaborating with other musicians. When not playing the piano or teaching, Sarah works as a personal trainer and competitive athlete in both weightlifting and taekwondo. 






Gillian Johannesen teaches ukulele, voice, piano, and guitar.

Gillian has been a music lover her whole life. She picked up the guitar in 7th grade and since then also began practicing ukulele and piano. In high school, Gillian was heavily involved in film, theatre, and choir. Fine arts are her passion! She is currently a sophomore in college and hopes to purse a degree in psychology at CUNY Brooklyn College in New York. Her dream is to become a music therapist and to share love for music! Gillian also loves to go thrifting and up-cycling, caring for interior plants, and spending time with her tabby cat, Peach!

Santeri Mettovaara teaches electric and acoustic guitar for students of all levels.

Santeri has played guitar as his main instrument for over a decade. He has worked with many private instructors, musicians, and ensembles in the past. He can also sing and play electric bass. His goal is to enroll in a graduate school program once he finishes his Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies/performance.
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